Beekeeper’s Fair Tasmajdan 2017

From the 4th till 8th of October this year, 43rd Internation beekeeper fair was held on Tasmajdan in Belgrade, Serbia. It was a great opportunity for our Dutch business partner Science In Water BV to present their revolutionary product Ferro Bee to the beekeepers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria…During the fair beekeepers show great interest in Ferro Bee as you can see on the pictures in our gallery. Huge interest was also shown during the presentation of the product, where Mr. Maarten Van Hoorn, owner of the Scinece In Water BV, talked how Ferro Bee can help beekeepers to reduce winter mortality and boost immunity of their bees with this natural product. Special guests of the presentation were Ms. Mila Mirkovic from Dutch Embassy in Serbia, who opened the presentation with a short speach about agricultural potentials of cooperation between Serbia and The Netherlands, and professor Zoran Stanimirovic, Head of the department of Biology of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade, with his assistants, who also gave a speech after the presentation, as one of the most prominent scientists for bees in this part of Europe.

After the fair next day the meeting was held in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, where professor Stanimirovic and Mr. Van Hoorn were discussing about the possibility that the professor and his team from the biology department do the scientific research on Ferro Bee.

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