We help our clients do the business in the Serbian and the Dutch market. If you like to open a company, find potential distributors, suppliers or buyers on these markets, we are the right company for you.

We work as business consultants on projects of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), so we can help you with our expertise in improving your business.

We connect our clients from the EU with companies from Southeast Europe, the part of Europe also known as the Balkans area. If you wish to buy products of high quality, for the best prices you can find in the market, we will find companies who manufacture that specific product, visit them for you, send you samples, negotiate the price, make sure that your order is delivered in time, and you will get your products on your stocks in any country you like.
For our clients in the EU who would like to sell in the Balkans, we will find potential buyers, and help them promote their companies and products in this market.
For our clients in the Balkans who would like to sell in the EU, we provide promotion of their companies and products in the EU market, find potential buyers, and provide shipment for their orders.
We work with the same passion for smaller clients and global, international players alike, focusing on building and maintaining long term relationships.


Does your company stagnate? Do you have so many obligations as  the owner so you have a feeling the day is too short? Or does your company have a rapid growth, so you and your employees don’t have enough knowledge to manage it?
If you are troubled by some of these situations, thanks to our international experience, where we had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s largest companies, we are able to offer you top-level consulting services that can help you overcome these obstacles.
We consider that in Serbia one of the key problem in development of companies is the creation of  organization, that is, a system with clearly defined processes in it. The situation that we most often encounter is that at one point the company comes to its maximum, thanks to its founder, devoted to his work, often his entire family, but at that moment they encounter an obstacle because they have came to the maximum use of their time. They are stagnate in all directions, with various demands from workers, the state and clients, dealing with everything and everyone, which leads to frustration, but also stagnation of the company itself.
In order to overcome this situation and to raise the company to the next level, it is necessary to clearly define the organization and processes in it.

Social Media Packages

We are witnessing a big change in consumers attention, where most of the consumers attention is now on their mobile phones. You can easily realize this if you just pay a little bit attention on your own behavior, or behavior of the people around you. If we know that fact, the question is how you can use this information to grow your business. The answer is by using social media as a middle man in reaching to your audience. If you don’t realize this truth and start doing something about it, your business will suffer a lot. Because of that, we decided to help SME’s in something which was always privilege of big companies, and that is outsourcing of services. We created a team of highly skilled professionals who are based in Serbia and already do a lot of similar work for big international companies, who can do all the work for your company regarding social media services and for the price that is unmatched on the market. In that way you can get top service and get an advantage over your competitors.