In 2014, after years of friendship, Eric Ponsen and Djordje Petrovic decided to start a business adventure called Companies Connected. The idea was to connect companies from The Netherlands with companies in Serbia and grow cooperation between two countries. The Netherlands was chosen since Mr. Ponsen was born there and also had an impressive business background, since he worked for Philips Light Group, Sales Management with Sperry Remington, Chamber of Commerce, Interim Management, he was director and founder of Beauty Line Nederland etc. From 2004 he lived in Serbia, where he met Mr. Petrovic and they became close friends. 

During his time in Serbia Mr. Ponsen was also doing charitable work for Serbian kids as ambassador of CIS-MED. With more than 30 years of experience in the private business, connections all through Europe and with the support of the Dutch embassy in Serbia, Mr. Ponsen was the perfect person to contact Dutch companies. Mr. Petrovic was born in Serbia and after a successful sports career, he started a private business. He has substantial knowledge of the business situation in the Balkans, so he was a perfect person to contact Serbian companies. Due to the great business knowledge that Mr. Ponsen had, with the time the company made the transition to the management consulting industry and until today that is our core business.

Unfortunately in 2016 Mr. Ponsen suddenly passed away which was a big shock for everybody. Despite the huge loss Mr. Petrovic decided to go further with the company which he and his friend started, and make a legacy out of it. And as long as our company exists we will keep a loving memory of Mr. Ponsen. 


We help our clients improve their businesses on the Serbian, Dutch and the market of Western Balkan.

We work with the same passion for smaller clients and global, international players alike, focusing on building and maintaining long term relationships.